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  • The Mashup Blogs | Guiding Teenagers

    The Mashup Short Guiding Teenagers Blog Entries. Opinionated. Grounded in Facts. Designed for those who prefer quick, engaging reads, The Mashup offers concise, opinion-driven blogs rooted in factual insights. Discover this dynamic new section by browsing the episodes below! Scroll through our Mashups... ...explore the newest Mashup below... ...or view the entire Mashup roster! The LAST Mashup | Guiding Teenagers is on Spring Break Dive into 'The LAST Mashup' before we take spring break. Exciting updates, a new season of Guiding Teenagers, and much more are on the horizon. Stay tuned! Learn the whole story! Thursday, April 4, 2024 <3 Minute Read Mashup Episode 017 ◄ Newer Mashups Older Mashups ► Our Newest Mashup: The LAST Mashup | Guiding Teenagers is on Spring Break GT Mashup Blog: Episode 017 Written By : Daniel Currie Published On : 4/4 /2024 I wanted to take a moment in this last mashup before we hit a brief pause for our version of spring break and give a massive shoutout to each and every one of you who's been riding this wave with me – through thick and thin, highs and lows, and all those damn crazy times in between. Whether you're here for the first time or you've been following my journey from the get-go, I've gotta say, I'm damn glad you're here. And hey, if you're not following me on all the social platforms yet, hit the link on the menu above. Let's keep this party going off the screen! Relativity Rating: Everybody What's this? Those of you who just stumbled on this page might be wondering, "What the hell is a Mashup Blog?" Well, my friend, you're in for a treat. Imagine blending spicy opinions with hard facts, all while keeping it real for us adults navigating this wild ride called parenting teens. That's what we're all about here – no fluff, no BS, just real talk for real folks. ​ But here's the deal – like I said, we're hitting spring break for April. Why? I get it; other sites don't go on vacation, but because, folks, " parental burnout " ain't just something I blog about; it's real, and damn, it hits hard. I've always been about practicing what you preach. Running this one-man circus, juggling blogs, and swatting bugs on the site like it's a Whack-a-Mole has made me realize I should probably chill the hell out a bit and enjoy what's in front of me, my teens. ​ So, what's on the agenda during this little breather? Apart from some quality time with the family, kicking back, and maybe sipping on something strong enough to put hairs on your chest, I'll be diving headfirst into sprucing up the Guiding Teenagers website. We're talking critical updates to keep things running as smooth as silk while refreshing older blogs to ensure you get the newest, freshest takes. And yes, despite CurlyStache and Guiding Teenagers being synonymous, it's time to get the pages uniform with their format and logos. ​ Now, let's talk shop about the future of Guiding Teenagers and its schedule after "The Last Mashup." When we return on Monday, May 6, we go 3 months on and 1 month off. To better encapsulate the Guiding Teenagers era, much like a kick-ass TV series, we'll break up the 3-month segments, referring to them as "seasons." May 6 marks the dawn of Season 4, baby! New blogs, aka "episodes," will drop every Monday only. ​ Never fear, Mashups aren't going away completely. We are merely merging Mashups and Full-Length Blogs. Think of Season 4 blogs having just the right tone and personality of a Mashup but with the information of a Full-Length Blog. For those who depend on your weekly Thursday read from Guiding Teenagers, I got you. Occasionally, I'll drop "Special Edition" blogs on Thursday or possibly a personal blog entry; that's still in the works though. Regardless, the survey says (okay, so maybe I'm the survey, haha) it's a helluva epic idea. Your turn! What do you think about it? Drop it in the comment below, and I'll be sure to reply, mention you, or give you a shoutout via social! ​ We're on a mission to make Guiding Teenagers as recognizable and dependable as the sun rising in the East. And if the stars align, we'll be launching a mini-store with some of our legendary CurlyStache gear and, of course, current Guiding Teenagers apparel & memorabilia. Guaranteed to make you the coolest parent, guardian, grandparent (or whoever!) on the block, all thanks to a sweet partnership with Amazon. ​ Podcasts? Oh, they're on the horizon. Imagine kicking back and soaking in the insights of our blogs with the laughs of real-life adventures and stories. All of this through your favorite podcast app. We're working on it—no ETA yet, but stay tuned. ​ Here's where you come in. What do you want to see more of on the site? Got a burning question or a topic you're itching to dive into? Maybe you're eager to share your own journey or tips with the world. Whatever it is, hit us up. Your voice matters here, and we're all ears for suggestions and always looking for guest bloggers. Yes! Moms, dads, and anyone else who wants to try blogging or guest blogging! Contact us and write a blog to be published to help other parents for free! ​ Before I wrap this up, let me reassure you: the site isn't going anywhere. All the blogs, all the tips, all the late-night musings – they're staying put. We're just giving the old girl a facelift, so things might shift around a bit. But trust me, it's all in the name of making your experience here better than ever. ​ So, what's the call to action? Keep checking back, folks. New stuff, exciting updates, and that same old charm aren't going anywhere. We're just loading up for an even bigger, badder comeback. 'Til then, keep it real, and remember—we're in this crazy parenting gig together. Until Next Time... Facebook X (Twitter) WhatsApp LinkedIn Pinterest Copy link Help us spread the word! Share this article across all your favorite platforms now!

  • Home | Guiding Teenagers

    New at Guiding Teenagers Trending Blogs Gambling & Addiction Navigating Teen Gambling Problems: A Guide for Parents Explore our comprehensive guide on teen gambling problems, offering insights, strategies, and resources to empower parents and teens with confidence. Read this blog Building Family Relations Family Skip Day: The Ultimate Family Bonding Experience Discover how Family Skip Day can transform your family dynamics, offering a break from the mundane to forge unforgettable bonds and promote emotional wellness. Read this blog The LAST Mashup | Guiding Teenagers is on Spring Break Dive into 'The LAST Mashup' before we take spring break. Exciting updates, a new season of Guiding Teenagers, and much more are on the horizon. Stay tuned! Written By : Published On : Blog Type : Read Time : Access the Blog Instantly 4/4/2024 Daniel Currie Mashup Episode 017 <3 Minute Read Relativity Rating: Everyone Learn how the Guiding Teenagers' rating system works! Learn the System! As seen on TikTok Many have asked about the Carhartt CurlyStache hoodie you've seen me wear. The traditional midweight hoodie, available in all colors, is available through Amazon Starting at $49.99 Shop for Mens Shop for Womens Own a custom CurlyStache Carhartt Hoodie Today! If you're in the market for a comfortable and durable hoodie, consider checking out the Carhartt CurlyStache hoodie. It's a great addition to anyone's wardrobe and comes with customizable options to meet your specific needs. Plus, with the Carhartt name behind it, you can trust that it's a quality product. Purchase the Carhartt CurlyStache Hoodie Customize your Carhartt CurlyStache Hoodie COMING SOON! Mashup Blogs Transform Your Teen Parenting in Just 3 Minutes – Read Now! With stories, opinions, trivia, exercises, and bold facts The Mashup educates and entertains! Mashup Episode 016 Boundaries and Family: Navigating Close Relationships Confidently Learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries with your family to enhance respect and strengthen relationships. Take control and feel empowered. Read the Mashup Mashup Episode 015 TikTok Ban Debate: Guiding Teenagers Through the Digital Maze Exploring the TikTok ban’s implications for teenagers. Unpack the debate, its impact on families, and how parents can navigate this digital dilemma. Read the Mashup Mashup Episode 014 Six Key Signs Your Child Is Manipulating You and What You Can Do Recognize the subtle signs of manipulation by your child. Empower yourself with knowledge and actionable strategies to address, promote, and foster a healthy home. Read the Mashup

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  • Mother's Day Top 5 Traditions & Cultures in 2023

    💐 Happy Mother's Day, Mothers! 💐 In honor of our mothers, biological or not, this Sunday, the 2nd Sunday of May, here in the United States, please honor the ones you call mom and wish them a happy Mother's Day! Maybe even let them know what they have done to impact your life and shape you into who you are now; it's almost guaranteed that would mean the world to them. Jump to a section: Top 5 Traditions & Cultures #5 - Thailand #4 - Mexico #3 - Haiti #2 - Japan #1 - Peru 5 Facts on Other Countries Conclusion Mother's Day Top 5 Traditions & Cultures Our Mother's Day special edition blog of 2023 will dive into the Mother's Day top 5 traditions & cultures found around the world. Enjoy the top five most unique Mother's Day customs and the countries they belong to! #5 Thailand Thailand celebrates Mother's Day on August 12th in honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the Queen Mother. All mothers are recognized and celebrated on this day with public fireworks displays and candle-lighting ceremonies. These festivities show appreciation and admiration for all the hard work and love of moms throughout Thailand. As a result, Mother's Day in Thailand is an occasion of both national pride and family celebration. #4 Mexico Mother's Day in Mexico is celebrated on May 10th and is one of the biggest and busiest holidays in the country. A unique twist to Mexican tradition is that children will ensure they are home on Mother's Day Eve. On the morning of May 10, a mariachi band often serenades mothers with the song "Las Mananitas." In addition, mothers are given gifts, flowers, and cards throughout the day from their children. #3 Haiti Haitian Mother's Day celebrated on the final Sunday in May, is an extraordinary holiday dedicated to the importance of motherhood and the sacrifices of mothers. Celebrations begin with extended church services with prayers and songs to honor the sacrifices of mothers. Everyone wears a flower to honor their mother - if your mother is alive, you wear a red flower; if she passed away recently, you wear a white one; and if you lost her many years ago, you wear a lavender one. The day is also marked with family gatherings, feasts, and special gifts for mothers. It is a day to recognize the invaluable role of mothers in Haitian culture and thank them for all they do. #2 Japan Mother's Day in Japan is also celebrated on the second Sunday of May. It was once customary for children to express their appreciation for their mothers by giving them a red carnation on this day. In addition, if their mother had passed away, children displayed a white carnation in memory and respect for them. However, red carnations have now become the popular choice. Other Japanese traditions include home-cooked meals, with families preparing their mother's favorite dishes. Gifting handmade items and presents, and cards is also common. In addition, children will participate in a classroom activity where they draw pictures of their moms. This reflects a tradition that started in the 1950s, where children would enter pictures of their mothers into an art contest every four years for a chance to showcase their work worldwide. #1 Peru In Peru, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second day of May, much like here in the United States, honoring the extraordinary women in their lives. On this day, families gather together to give their mothers flowers, cards, and gifts. To celebrate the ones who have come before them, families will gather in cemeteries to honor and remember those women, including grandmothers, aunts, and mothers who have passed away. They use this time to socialize, eat, and drink before celebrating the departed. They celebrate previous women by cleaning the gravesites and decorating them with balloons, and homemade decorations, including heart-shaped signs and flowers. It is a day for expressing love and appreciation for living and deceased mothers. 5 facts about other countries celebrating Mother's Day These did not quite make the list of our Mother's Day Top 5 Traditions & Cultures in 2023, but they sure did have some interesting stories to tell of their own. In good spirits not to leave anyone out, here are some fun facts regarding Mother's Day in other countries and its origins! United Kingdom On the 4th Sunday of Lent, Mothering Sunday, as it is called, originated as a way for Christians to honor the Virgin Mary. France Falling on the 4th Sunday of May, it was first popularized by Napoleon in 1806 to celebrate mothers of large families Russia Held on the last Sunday of November, Russia created the national holiday in 1998 "To consolidate the foundations of the family" and "To maintain the tradition of careful attitude to the woman." Philippines Mother's Day is, technically, legally, the first Monday in December; HOWEVER, everyone in the Philippines celebrates Mother's Day on the 2nd Sunday in May, like in the U.S. Australia Chrysanthemums are the flower of choice for moms because "mom" is better translated to "mum" in Australia. But yes, carnations are very popular too! 💐 In Conclusion 💐 I wish all mothers a very happy Mother's Day; I genuinely hope it is an epic day for you! Please ensure you go out and wish the person you call "mom" a happy Mother's Day and brighten her day. I hope you enjoyed the Mother's Day Top 5 Traditions & Cultures of 2023 special post. Stay tuned for our regular blog postings next Monday! Love it? Share it! (links to share below) Make sure they know where it came from #curlystacheblogs 👌 Take me back to more blog articles! ✒️ Take me home 🏠 Back to the top ⬆️

  • UNderstand PROblems THEy HAve - Parenting Series: PART VI

    This series is designed (but not necessary) to be read chronologically; if you still need to read Parts I-V, the links below will take you to the previous articles to catch up! What Kind R U? Parenting Series: PART I The Big UNcubed Parenting Series: PART II The Great PRO³ - Parenting Series: PART III What THE? - Parenting Series: PART IV HA! HA! HA! - Parenting Series: PART V UNderstand PROblems THEy HAve - Parenting Series: PART VI What UNderstand PROblems THEy HAve actually means To conclude this mini-series of parenting characteristics, I leave you with the final step after you find your parenting method or combination of methods. These four styles were covered in the previous articles: > neglectful parenting scheme via UN(cubed) > permissive parenting tactics of (the great)PRO³ > (what)THE authoritarian parenting methods > the authoritative parenting, seriously, HA!(HA!HA!) Once you find what works best for you, you can move on to the final step by merging the strange capital letters in this series to get the phrase UNderstand PROblems THEy HAve. This is the only thing you can do now that you are set in your ways, trying to be the best parent possible. R U doing it right? Even if you still lay in bed, asking yourself that age-old question, "Am I doing this right?" You can rest assured that you are doing it precisely how it needs to be done. There is no right or wrong way, as stated many times throughout this mini-series; there is only your unique way. You are probably on the right track if you can check off these boxes: You sincerely love your child and would do anything to protect them from harm However you parent, your goal is to make sure they succeed as an adult If your child is helpless and dependent on you (i.e., toddler, handicapped, etc.), you do not turn your back on them and ensure they are well off If and when your child is independent (vs. entirely dependent) to some degree and cannot accomplish something essential due to age, ability, knowledge, or responsibility, you will ensure it becomes accomplishable, or you perform it for them. A set of solid morals is instilled in them, even if they are not necessarily the same as someone else's. However, if you cannot tick off all five boxes, I strongly recommend taking a firm and honest step back to reevaluate your position and what you can do differently to ensure all checkboxes are marked. After those checkboxes are all checked, it is not voila! Magic! Perfect relationships and families. It only means that you are on the right track as a parent, and then you can focus on your child in a new light. With the clarity of being a good parent, you can see if they are having any problems or issues in their personal, school, or social life away from you. Sometimes your child may even ask you for your advice with a problem that they are having; after all, everybody has issues from time to time. What comes next? Sincerely ask yourself if you genuinely UNderstand PROblems THEy HAve. Sometimes as parents, we can dismiss issues our children are going through. We sit there thinking, "Been there, done that. It's not a huge issue; it will pass." or "Believe me, it feels like the end of the world, but it's not." We do this because we went through some of those same animosities when we were younger, and we tend to forget how we felt in the heat of that moment. Telling our children something along those lines may prove unwise, even if it is accurate and we know what we are talking about from experience. However, we must remember they have not "Been there, done that" This is (for the most part) all new as they age and mature, and in some cases, it may feel like their life is crumbling all around them. That said, it's time to sit down and UNderstand PROblems THEy HAve. Remember, most children or teens do not have the extensive complex relationships that adults have. On average, they have a best friend, a group of friends (or both), family life, a job, or helping out a neighbor type of job. Most major social interactions and cues are learned from school. These same social interactions are also why most of our children's "catastrophic problems" can be traced back to school somehow, even if it is just because they met them there. Felt Like & Feels Like Most adults will agree after they taste adulthood for some time, "High school is much easier." This mentality is another reason brushing off problems our children tell us is easier. However, to accurately UNderstand PROblems THEy HAve, we need to take a step back and sincerely try to remember what it felt like when we were that age and what it would feel like if we were in those shoes again, as though we were our children. Remember that school, a job (if old enough), and family are generally all they know; if one falls somehow, a good chunk of their world crumbles. In Conclusion We must first and foremost ensure we are parenting our children in our unique ways. Then, once we are parenting in our styles, set in our convictions, we can concentrate on diving deeper into our children's complexities in trying to UNderstand PROblems THEy HAve. In our next mini-series later this month, we will look into more detail regarding teenagers' social, emotional, and mental intricacies and how we can tune into them. Catch up on the series: PART I - What kind R U? Parenting advice: Raise them without being overbearing, absent, or avoiding conflict PART II - The Big UNcubed Parenting advice: Raise them without being absent PART III - The Great PRO³ Parenting advice: Raise them without avoiding conflict PART IV - What THE? Parenting advice: Raise them without being overbearing PART V - HA! HA! HA! Parenting advice: Raise them with balance Love it? Share it! (links to share below) Make sure they know where it came from #curlystacheblogs 👌 Take me back to more blog articles! ✒️ Take me home 🏠 Back to the top ⬆️

  • HA! HA! HA! - Parenting Series: PART V

    This series is designed (but not necessary) to be read chronologically; if you need to catch up or skip ahead, the links below will take you to where you need to go! What Kind R U? Parenting Series: PART I The Big UNcubed Parenting Series: PART II The Great PRO³ - Parenting Series: PART III What THE? - Parenting Series: PART IV HA! HA! HA! - Parenting Series: PART V UNderstand PROblems THEy HAve - Parenting Series: PART VI We conclude the four parenting styles today with the most sought-after style. This parenting technique is proven highly effective and rewarding for both parent and child. Authoritative parenting is the final type and is also known as "democratic parenting" because of the elegant degree of reasoning from the parent encompassing the give-and-take style. Some of the primary characteristics of this give-and-take practical parenting, as discussed in the first part of the series, include: Responsive, supportive, and nurturing parenting Firm rules are set in the home; when rules are broken, parents will listen and reason with the child but don't always accept what the child has to say Two-way communication and natural consequences for wrongdoings Attempt to mold their child's growth and behavior by taking an interest and explaining, discussing, and reasoning with them as they do good and bad Jump to a section: >>> HA! HA! HA! >>> The HAck >>> HAlfway >>> HAndprint to HAndshake >>> Conclusion HA! HA! HA! Sincerely, there's nothing funny about it! Although I promise you we can divide authoritative parenting into three subsections- or "HA"s to break it down nicely. Our play on laughter includes: "The HAck," "HAlfway," and "HAndprint to HAndshake" - read on! The HAck As described already, there is a give-and-take vibe in authoritative families. That HAck allows for smoother sailing and less stress in parent-child relationships. For instance, instead of having nonexistent standards found in neglectful parenting- or mom and dad paving the way in difficult times as seen in permissive parenting, authoritative parenting parallels closely with authoritarian parenting. Both types have solid principles and expect greatness; the mindset is "If you are going to do something, then do it right the first time." The difference between the "my way or the highway" mentality, the backbone of authoritarian parenting, and the democratic style of authoritative parenting is the HAck. When a child stumbles and makes a mistake, which they inevitably will, just like all learning children do from time to time, mom or dad will pause, listen, and give their child a chance to explain themselves. It is important to stress that the parent will not just hear the child out; instead, the parent will sit with their full attention on them, focused, and genuinely listen to them. Furthermore, after listening and discussing the situation with the child, the consequence could be negated if they provide a valid reason or explanation. That HAck of listening and allowing the child to explain permits them to feel comfortable knowing they can always talk to you. In their eyes, they see that you heard them out rather than ignored them, especially when a rule was broken (even if justified in the end). By invoking that HAck, many more items of positivity can come with it, including: Self-esteem boost Learning to argue and disagree appropriately, with respect Showing that you care about their perspective, which offers a vulnerability that you are just as human as they are Accepting winning and losing with dignity and maturely Conversely, there are many more times when the child misbehaves or breaks a rule, and they explain themselves, but it still does not change the outcome (consequence). Of course, as an authoritative parent, you will listen to your child's explanation and reasoning; this could even allow less severe consequences since the child possibly provided valid points or their intent on the issue. But nevertheless, and more importantly, you will explain why the punishment will stand, which will inherently make it a natural punishment rather than something out of spite and rashness- and the child will respect that much more in the end. HAlfway As you can imagine, based on the HAck alone, authoritative parents try meeting their children HAlfway rather than having the mentality of "all or nothing" as found in the other three parenting styles. Based on past quarrels, the child will know you are trying to meet them HAlfway. Because of that, they will want to try and do the same in meeting you HAlfway. It can even mean accepting the punishment for their misdoings (their HAlfway point) once you hear them out, genuinely listen, and explain why the punishment stands (your HAlfway point). The benefit to the HAlfway meeting point is that it will carry over in all aspects of your relationship, not just household rules and duties. As a result, it can present itself in various ways that extend their entire life: Teaches the phrase, "If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" Helping Others: As they see someone in need of help, they will be more opted to want to help (seeing that someone can only go so far and they can pick up the slack and meet them HAlfway to accomplish a goal) Personality Trait: Gives the child the personality to not lie down for someone but not be arrogant or condescending either. Instead, it allows for personality traits that are much more assertive, practical, responsible, consistent, sensitive, thoughtful, and trustworthy HAndprint to HAndshake Authoritative parents will always be highly involved with their child's life right from the start in the cradle. The baby's HAndprint melts the parent's hearts as the baby's hand reaches out, and the parents meet them HAlfway with their hands pressing back on theirs. That is the composition of their relationship throughout their lives from that point on. As the child grows, their parents will always be close and involved, allowing them to make the bulk of decisions regarding what they want to do with their lives and have some self-control. With the child choosing the activities and hobbies (the child's half), the parents will ensure that they stick with it through thick and thin and endure (the parent's half). Doing this teaches discipline, responsibility, and drive, all while building character. Into teenhood, the parents will continue to allow their teenager to grow and mature, allowing them to become their own person, but ensuring that there are solid morals and firm beliefs (from a religious standpoint, even if the religion is no religion, and from a family belief standpoint). By this time, as a teenager, it would have been ingrained into their core, allowing them to make decisions that closely parallel their family's ideology. Because of this, their parents gradually shift from highly involved to highly supportive, allowing their near-grown child to test the waters of the "real world" but ensuring the guardrails are still in. As the parents let the now young adult flourish, always guiding them along the way since their HAndprints pressed each other nearly two decades before, the child is ready to move on, making their parents proud. The last thing the much older child does before moving out is giving the parents a hug and a HAndshake, thanking them for everything they have done over the years. From HAndprint to HAndshake, the parents have supported and guided the child through the best and worst times as authoritative parents. In Conclusion Regardless of which four parenting styles you prefer or practice, there is no proper right way or wrong way. However, each class may have sections you can pull from to make a style that best fits you and your family's personality. Authoritative parenting offers the best upside to raising children in today's society. Crucially though, it requires being firm and structured in your family belief system, and perhaps even more importantly, you must be involved and present in your child's life at all times to be effective. So, regardless of how you parent, as long as you and your family are comfortable with the style you choose, that is all that matters. Continue Reading: PART VI - UNderstand PROblems THEy HAve Parenting advice: What comes after parenting styles Catch up on the series: PART I - What kind R U? Parenting advice: Raise them without being overbearing, absent, or avoiding conflict PART II - The Big UNcubed Parenting advice: Raise them without being absent PART III - The Great PRO³ Parenting advice: Raise them without avoiding conflict PART IV - What THE? Parenting advice: Raise them without being overbearing Love it? Share it! (links to share below) Make sure they know where it came from #curlystacheblogs 👌 Take me back to more blog articles! ✒️ Take me home 🏠 Back to the top ⬆️

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