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Guiding Teenagers: Celebrating a Year of Growth and Insight

Written By : Daniel Currie

Published On : 3/18/2024

Today marks a significant milestone for us as we celebrate the anniversary of our site and the 52 blogs that have come with it in the past year. Yes! That's right! 52 blogs, all made possible thanks to you. This occasion is a testament to the journey we've embarked upon since the very first day we decided to create a space dedicated to guiding parents of teenagers.

🚀Blast off! It Began with CurlyStache

Many ask, why "Guiding Teenagers? Why not race cars?" The simple answer? I sought to fill a void within myself, one that I discovered could only be filled by helping others cultivate strong bonds with their children and teens without forcing their will onto them. To guide and help parents with essential dos and don'ts when raising children and teens. That said, let's take a moment to reminisce about the path we've traversed, highlighting the evolution, challenges, and triumphs that have defined our blog—because, hey, things have changed. We're here for every person, not just parents of teens. 

The original logo with "" written below in a typewriter font


3 keyboard keys that are not attached to a keyboard on a black background. 1st one says, "ctrl", the 2nd says, "alt", and the last one says, "dad"

Dive into CurlyStache's heart: A dad's venture into blogging, sharing wisdom on parenting teens with humor & honesty. Join the CTRL+ALT+DAD movement.

The Journey of CurlyStache Blogs and Guiding Teenagers

The evolution of the CurlyStache & GuidingTeenagers logos with 5 versions of CurlyStache logos followed by 2 versions of GuidingTeenagers’ logos

Starting from Scratch: The Birth of Our Blog

In the beginning, there was an idea—actually, a burning question from my little girl. "What is a blog?" Those four simple words ignited my passion. This translated into hundreds of hours and a significant investment poured into the vast World Wide Web, offering a helping hand and a little hope to parents and adults alike, all for free. Thanks to that one question, that profound purpose was discovered. I feel, from experience, that it is imperative to encourage individuality while avoiding extremes—being too permissive, neglectful, or overly authoritative to foster growth and maintain a close bond. 

This is a vertical one-year timeline strip with multiple pictures of all the changes and have undergone throughout the year.

Our blog was born on this foundation. The desire to share insights, experiences, and advice on the complexities of guiding and raising teenagers and doing it effectively. Initially, the road was fraught with obstacles, from technical glitches to finding our voice in a crowded digital landscape. Yet, through perseverance and a deep-seated belief in our mission, we transformed challenges into stepping stones toward our goal.

The Evolution of Our Blog

Reflecting on the past year, our blog has undergone a remarkable transformation. From humble beginnings with a basic layout, initially eclectic, our site has blossomed into a vibrant authoritative hub, complete with engaging content and interactive features. One of our early subscribers elegantly stated in a survey email, "I've read most blogs you wrote. The tremendous growth over the past 9 months is utterly humbling, and I make a point to read every week now. The attention to detail, while staying truthful to yourself and beliefs, is refreshing, especially when they can be substantiated by fact." A sincere reply such as that was enlightening, further reinforcing that each milestone, from our first subscriber to our latest site redesign, has been a learning experience. These moments teach us the value of adaptability and the importance of our readers' feedback. Thank you to everyone!

Delve into the whole story in great detail. Visit the About Us section of the website now!

Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs

Navigating the Rough Waters

The journey wasn't always smooth sailing—not by a long shot. We encountered our fair share of hurdles, especially in the realm of learning how much was involved. From content creation to site management, we had some disastrous close calls. There were times when the future seemed uncertain. Still, the passion for making a positive difference in the lives of parents, their teenage children, and anybody with a teen in their life fueled our determination to push forward.

Victories Big and Small

Amidst the challenges, we celebrated numerous successes that have shaped the essence of our blog, from viral posts that sparked meaningful discussions to creating positive impacts on individual families. Each victory, whether big or small, has been a source of motivation and a reminder of why we started this journey.

Diving Deeper: Our Most Popular Blogs and Mashups Revisited

Full-Length Blog:

Raising Teens Today Who Want Body Piercings: Handling the Situation

One of our most engaging discussions arose from the blog post "Raising Teens Today Who Want Body Piercings: Handling the Situation," which delved into the world of teenage self-expression. The post struck a chord with many readers, particularly on how to address their concerns correctly with their teens and realize that it is not the end of the world. For example, one reader shared, "Your post made me realize that piercings, which can heal, are not the end of the world—tattoos could be a bigger concern for a young, impressionable adult who's still a kid in my eyes." This prompted us to explore related themes, such as our tattoo series, along with the significance of personal identity and freedom of expression among teenagers, further enriching our content and understanding of the teenage psyche.

Raising Teens Today Who Want
Body Piercings: Handling the Situation

The cover photo for “Raising Teens Today Who Want Body Piercings: Handling The Situation” consists of a green-tinted photo of a young lady’s nose and mouth, her hand lifting her upper lip showing 3 lip piercings and a nose piercing.

Teens and piercings are more than just a phase. Navigate their desires for body piercings with wisdom and the essentials for dialogue and understanding.

Mashup Blog:

Worry Less, Live More: Manage Your Worries

Worried middle-aged caucasian man sitting at the base of steps in a green shirt lost in thought worrying

Worry Less, Live More:
Manage Your Worries

Discover strategies to worry less and focus on what truly matters—family, friends, hobbies, and jobs. Embrace a life with less stress and more joy with mindfulness!

Our discussion on "Worry Less, Live More: How to Effectively Manage Your Worries" became one of the most captivating conversations of the year. Readers profoundly resonated with its practical advice and heartfelt insights, sharing how implementing its strategies significantly alleviated their stress and anxiety. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many describing it as a turning point in their approach to daily worries, underscoring its impact as one of the most valued and transformative articles we've shared. For instance, one reader emailed us, "Despite how silly it sounded at first, sitting down daily to start a worry journal has profoundly impacted my life and allowed me to better come to grips with my daily stress and anxiety."

Looking Ahead: The Future of Guiding Teenagers

What's on the Horizon?

As we look to the future, we're excited to unveil new topics, platforms, and growth opportunities inspired by our followers' feedback. Our commitment to evolving with our community's needs is stronger than ever, promising yet another year filled with insightful, engaging, and supportive content for parents, their teenage children, and all adults alike. Spoiler alert! Watch for our blogs to become audio podcasts and other self-improving services! I would love to hear your thoughts; leave me your comments below. Is there anything else you would like to see?

Chrome retro microphone
Stick figure walking off a Scrabble tile with a man drawing an orange line under him to ensure he doesn't fall making it to the next tile
In orange, the word “nameless” is written vertically with the word “e-pals” written horizontally. A paper airplane is flown from the bottom of “nameless” to the beginning of “e-pals”
Globe with purple ocean and orange land mass. Two orange stick figures standing on each side holding a large smiley face on as though to say “hi” to each other

Celebration Time: Giving Back to Our Readers

Anniversary Giveaway: Join the Fun!

We're thrilled to announce an anniversary giveaway in gratitude to our loyal readers. This is our way of saying thank you for your support, engagement, and trust. Check back throughout our birthday week of March 18 through March 24 for details on how to enter and the fantastic prizes you could win! Follow us on social media for real-time updates and giveaways!

Haven't found us on social yet? No worries! Here are the links to them all. Be sure to share our content and spread the word to the masses!

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Building Our Community

Spotlight on Fellow Bloggers and Employees

Collaboration is at the heart of our community-building efforts. We're eager to shine a spotlight on fellow bloggers who share our passion for supporting parents and teenagers. These collaborations not only enrich our content but also offer our readers diverse perspectives and resources. Thank you, Rita McDuffy, for the extensive research. Shannon and Mark Wheeler, thank you for allowing me to guest blog on your site and co-blogging with me. Sarah Dickerman, my editor, and your beloved Rigby, as the feature of my blog "Hey Rigby!" Devan Currie, your countless hours on the backend of the site were monumental, and you met the challenge with enthusiasm because you believed in the project. Lastly, and of course, our friends and family, for the blog suggestions, assistance in many ways, helping to get the word out, and obviously, the countless other ways you've helped that only you could.

Spotlight on the CurlyStache and Guiding Teenagers Family

In addition, a special shoutout to my family, Khloé, Dylan, Devan, and Kelly, for their tireless efforts to help with the cause. Although I may be considered the face of the blog and site, they are clearly the backbone of it all; thank you all!

A young man with dirty blond hair, a 5 o’clock shadow, and a white T-shirt excitedly whispers with his hand up to his face, holding a large white sign saying “THANK YOU.”

Engaging with Our Readers

We Want to Hear from You!

As always, your voice is crucial to our blog's success. We encourage you to share your thoughts, suggest topics, and participate in discussions. Your feedback shapes our content, ensuring it remains relevant, helpful, and engaging. Please drop us a suggestion on the About Us and Contact Us pages. Additionally, email us at to express your opinions directly!

Join the Conversation

Let's keep the conversation going. Comment below (and on any blog!), share your stories and connect with us on social media. Together, we can create a supportive and informative community for everyone, everywhere.

A man with dark hair and a scruffy beard in a blue sports jacket and white dress shirt raises his hand to his right ear, actively listening.

Conclusion: A Toast to Togetherness

As we reflect on the past year, our hearts are filled with gratitude for our readers, contributors, and collaborators. Togetherness means so much more than "you and me." It is a community. It binds us; we are the Guiding Teenagers community where you can come to leisurely bask, seek advice and support, ask questions, offer unbiased opinions, and even enjoy an occasional meme we post on social media daily. Your support and engagement have been the driving force behind our blog's success. Here's to another year of growth, learning, and togetherness. Cheers to our collective journey ahead!

Check back throughout the week for ways to participate in our prize giveaways. As a way to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we want you to come back on Thursday for our 53rd blog, an epic Mashup that will leave you wanting more. Yep, that is your teaser. See you then!

Silhouette of 3 teens walking away

Guiding Teenagers

with Essential Parenting Dos and Don'ts

CurlyStache Blog logo

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