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About Us

At Guiding Teenagers, or GT for short, we empower parents and guardians with robust support and insightful guidance to confidently navigate the complexities of raising teens in today's unpredictable world. Our commitment to being an ever-present ally ensures adults have the necessary resources to foster the growth and maturity of young adults amidst life's challenging situations.

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We cordially invite your ideas and topics for future blog posts – your input is crucial in shaping content that resonates with you. Share your suggestions with us; we're dedicated to creating articles that are tailored for your needs and interests!

Our Story

Guiding Teenagers
Guiding Teenagers
Guiding Teenagers
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Welcome to Guiding Teenagers, a CurlyStache project, the brainchild of Dan Currie, distinctively recognized for his iconic, well-groomed curly mustache. At GT, our mission transcends profit-making; our core purpose is to extend a helping hand and impart wisdom, even if it means sacrificing our time and resources that could be directed elsewhere.

The heart and soul of GT and CurlyStache Blogs is not just me, Dan, but also my wonderful wife Kelly, my steadfast companion for over 20 years, and our children Devan, Dylan, and Khloé, who played pivotal roles in bringing this vision to life. Our journey is further enriched by the invaluable contributions of friends, family, and colleagues, whose support, insights, and tireless efforts have been instrumental in our success. A special shoutout to Khloé, who has brilliantly managed our social media presence, guiding her less tech-savvy dad through the digital world!

My passion for writing, research, and engaging with professionals, coupled with a relentless thirst for knowledge and a penchant for thinking outside the box, drives me. I revel in unleashing my creativity, thinking big, and bringing imaginative ideas to life. At GT & CurlyStache, we're not just offering advice; we're sharing a part of ourselves, our experiences, and our hearts. With my family and friends by my side, understanding and fueling my passion, CurlyStache (and eventually Guiding Teenagers) came to be. This is more than just a website; it's a community, a movement. This is our story. The Guiding Teenagers and CurlyStache story.

People often ask me, "Why do you do it? Why invest countless hours in a website, blogs, and research, all dedicated to supporting adults and parents navigating the complexities of raising children, tweens, and teens?" The answer lies in a deep-seated passion, a desire to make a difference that has been with me since my own teenage years. Growing up as a rebellious teen in an authoritarian household, I yearned for a space where my individuality was celebrated, not just tolerated. This experience shaped my commitment to raising my children with strong moral values while also nurturing their unique spirits and individualism. GT and CurlyStache Blogs are my platforms for sharing these insights and supporting others on their parenting journey.

Our Evolution

Hello, World! March 18, 2023

Now that you know about us and WHY we are out to make a difference and help parents, grandparents, and anyone else who has older children, tweens, or teens in their lives—how it all began is just as intriguing. Embark on this odyssey, where it all started with one simple question. My ever-curious (now not-so) little girl asked me what a "blog" was. Needless to say, within 6 hours of that one innocent question, the birth of, the original Guiding Teenagers site, was born, and our endeavor had begun! Read the full story for all the details and spontaneous twists of events.

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Summer 2023

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Spring 2023

Screenshot of GuidingTeenagers Lite page

Fall 2023

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Winter 2024

In under a year, CurlyStache had undergone several transformative redesigns, each time refining our approach to create the ideal balance between flair and simplicity. Our aim has always been to craft a welcoming space where you can easily find what you need without feeling overwhelmed. The journey hasn't been without its challenges, particularly in the first four months, but we're immensely grateful to our steadfast supporters who have journeyed with us through these growing pains. We're now confidently navigating our path, and we're eager to hear from you – how are we doing? If you have any suggestions, we're all ears! Let's make Guiding Teenagers even better, together.

I've always believed that part of being a parent is being able to smile and laugh—however you do it. To help with this, launched in the summer of 2023, CurlyStache Memes brings family-friendly, daily smiles and classic dad jokes to you and your loved ones. Follow us on social media for your daily dose of humor. A big shoutout to Khloé, the creative force behind this painfully hilarious section!

Beyond our engaging CurlyStache Memes, we launched "Guiding Teenagers Lite" (formerly CurlyStache Lite) in September 2023, offering straightforward, image-free blog content for easy access and fast loading, especially for visually impaired readers and those with limited bandwidth.

We're excited to introduce "The Mashup," the latest addition to the Guiding Teenagers family, launched in October 2023. Designed for those who prefer quick, engaging reads, The Mashup offers concise, opinion-driven blogs rooted in factual insights. Discover this dynamic new section by exploring the Mashup tab, conveniently located in the menu on all our pages!

We're thrilled to announce a bold new chapter: has evolved into! While our name has transformed, our commitment to delivering the same exceptional content remains unwavering. Our revamped site boasts a more streamlined interface, making it incredibly easy and enjoyable for you to find exactly what you need. Dive into our fresh, eye-pleasing look, designed to enhance your experience as we continue to guide and inspire on the journey of parenting teens. Continue the endeavor with us at Guiding Teenagers – where our story continues with a renewed vibrancy and an ever-passionate focus on empowering parents and teens alike!

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Our Vision

At Guiding Teenagers, our vision is to create a beacon of knowledge, information, and advice that consistently exceeds your expectations. We aspire for Guiding Teenagers to be your go-to destination, a place where every visit to enriches you with more than you sought. In our commitment to this vision, we're excited to expand our offerings, introducing innovative ways to connect and share. Imagine tuning into our upcoming podcast, where we delve into recent blogs and current events, exploring their impact on parents and teens. This is just the beginning – we're also exploring additional services, adapting to your needs and the evolving digital landscape. Our ambition is boundless, our potential unlimited – at Guiding Teenagers, we're not just reaching for the stars; we're aiming to surpass them, creating an ever-evolving platform that grows with you and for you.

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Guiding Teenagers

with Essential Parenting Dos and Don'ts

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