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The LAST Mashup | Guiding Teenagers' Spring Break 2024 Update

GT Bite-Size Blog:
Episode 017

Written By : Daniel Currie

Published On : 4/4/2024

I wanted to take a moment in this last bite-size blog before we hit a brief pause for our version of spring break and give a massive shoutout to each and every one of you who's been riding this wave with me – through thick and thin, highs and lows, and all those damn crazy times in between. Whether you're here for the first time or you've been following my journey from the get-go, I've gotta say, I'm damn glad you're here. And hey, if you're not following me on all the social platforms yet, hit the link on the menu above. Let's keep this party going off the screen!

Cartoon image of CurlyStache writing his blog on a laptop. He has dark hair, curly mustache, looks stressed, working frantically with papers flying around

Those of you who just stumbled on this page might be wondering, "What the hell is a Bite-Size Blog?" better known as a "Mashup." Well, my friend, you're in for a treat. Imagine blending spicy opinions with hard facts, all while keeping it real for us adults navigating this wild ride called parenting teens. That's what we're all about here – no fluff, no BS, just real talk for real folks.

But here's the deal – like I said, we're hitting spring break for April. Why? I get it; other sites don't go on vacation, but because, folks, "parental burnout" ain't just something I blog about; it's real, and damn, it hits hard. I've always been about practicing what you preach. Running this one-man circus, juggling blogs, and swatting bugs on the site like it's a Whack-a-Mole has made me realize I should probably chill the hell out a bit and enjoy what's in front of me, my teens.

So, what's on the agenda during this little breather? Apart from some quality time with the family, kicking back, and maybe sipping on something strong enough to put hairs on your chest, I'll be diving headfirst into sprucing up the Guiding Teenagers website. We're talking critical updates to keep things running as smooth as silk while refreshing older blogs to ensure you get the newest, freshest takes. And yes, despite CurlyStache and Guiding Teenagers being synonymous, it's time to get the pages uniform with their format and logos.

Now, let's talk shop about the future of Guiding Teenagers and its schedule after "The Last Mashup." When we return on Monday, May 6, we go 3 months on and 1 month off. To better encapsulate the Guiding Teenagers era, much like a kick-ass TV series, we'll break up the 3-month segments, referring to them as "seasons." May 6 marks the dawn of Season 4, baby! New blogs, aka "episodes," will drop every Monday only.

Never fear, Mashups aren't going away completely. We are merely merging Mashups and Full-Length Blogs. Think of Season 4 blogs having just the right tone and personality of a Mashup but with the information of a Full-Length Blog. For those who depend on your weekly Thursday read from Guiding Teenagers, I got you. Occasionally, I'll drop "Special Edition" blogs on Thursday or possibly a personal blog entry; that's still in the works though. Regardless, the survey says (okay, so maybe I'm the survey, haha) it's a helluva epic idea. Your turn! What do you think about it? Drop it in the comment below, and I'll be sure to reply, mention you, or give you a shoutout via social!

We're on a mission to make Guiding Teenagers as recognizable and dependable as the sun rising in the East. And if the stars align, we'll be launching a mini-store with some of our legendary CurlyStache gear and, of course, current Guiding Teenagers apparel & memorabilia. Guaranteed to make you the coolest parent, guardian, grandparent (or whoever!) on the block, all thanks to a sweet partnership with Amazon.

Podcasts? Oh, they're on the horizon. Imagine kicking back and soaking in the insights of our blogs with the laughs of real-life adventures and stories. All of this through your favorite podcast app. We're working on it—no ETA yet, but stay tuned.

Here's where you come in. What do you want to see more of on the site? Got a burning question or a topic you're itching to dive into? Maybe you're eager to share your own journey or tips with the world. Whatever it is, hit us up. Your voice matters here, and we're all ears for suggestions and always looking for guest bloggers. Yes! Moms, dads, and anyone else who wants to try blogging or guest blogging! Contact us and write a blog to be published to help other parents for free!

Before I wrap this up, let me reassure you: the site isn't going anywhere. All the blogs, all the tips, all the late-night musings – they're staying put. We're just giving the old girl a facelift, so things might shift around a bit. But trust me, it's all in the name of making your experience here better than ever.

So, what's the call to action? Keep checking back, folks. New stuff, exciting updates, and that same old charm aren't going anywhere. We're just loading up for an even bigger, badder comeback. 'Til then, keep it real, and remember—we're in this crazy parenting gig together.

Until Next Time...

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