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The Mashup:
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002 - 10.11.23

Uncover 4 Superior Parenting Styles

I want to bring back an oldie but goodie in this episode. One of the first blog series I wrote was on parenting styles. This Mashup post is geared towards self-education, giving you the tools to identify the type of parent you are in the eyes of professionals, scholars, psychologists, and doctors.

Revealing these 4 parenting styles will allow you to identify your style and objectively and clearly understand your strengths and weaknesses, bettering yourself as a parent. Furthermore, it gives you a solid benchmark, allowing you to take a step back and identify your progress in your parenting quest compared to where you want to be, allowing new and improved goals to be set.

Regardless, I assure you, nobody is perfect. Despite having four identifiable parenting classifications, nobody falls perfectly into one specific category—which is a good thing! This is what makes us extraordinary, unique parents! We all have our distinctive version of parenting. Without further ado, here are the 4 types.

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Neglectful Parenting

It may sound rough, saying you could be a "neglectful" person- especially regarding your child- but it doesn't mean you don't love and care for them. The primary characteristics include the following:

  • Absent, uninvolved, and freedom-giving

  • Guidance and emotional support are rare

  • Indifferent to the nourishing of their social, behavioral, and emotional life

  • Basic needs are the parent's primary role (food, shelter, clothing)

Permissive Parenting

This style has become more popular recently with the assistance of social media and various human rights movements, concentrating on their child's needs in excess. Characteristics of a permissive parent include:

  • Parent/child relationship is primarily child-driven

  • (Over)indulges their child with rewards to dodge conflicts

  • There are very few rules; they are very inconstantly enforced or not enforced at all

  • Parents are very nourishing to their children but find it challenging to impose limitations and boundaries

Authoritarian Parenting

Although firm and rigid, this type of parenting is still fairly popular for many reasons, including how the parent was raised, culture, religion, and nationality. In recent years, however, this style has declined as more parents find permissive parenting a compelling choice. A few traits of an authoritarian parent are:


  • Parent/child relationship is primarily parent-driven

  • Very rigid and strict household rules that set very harsh punishments

  • Indifferent to the nourishing of their social and emotional life

  • Communication is typically one-way from parent to child

Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative parenting has been best described as a happy medium between the permissive and authoritarian styles, pulling from the best of both worlds. Parents strive for this most popular type, even if they fall short and land in another category. Some of the key points are:

  • Parents are responsive, supportive, and nurturing

  • Sets firm rules set in the home; parents are willing to listen and reason but don't necessarily always accept what the child has to say

  • Uses open communication and natural consequences for wrongdoings

  • Attempt to mold their child's growth and behavior by taking an interest and explaining, discussing, and reasoning with them as they do good and bad

What kind or kinds are you? I opened this Mashup for comment (down below! 👇), so please let me know. Are you permissive with a hint of authoritative? I'd love to hear! Please check out the series, which goes into more detail on each, including the pros and cons and how to get the most out of your parenting style. Links below to the 6-part Parenting Series.

LOOK for the play on words in each blog and how the title relates to the sections of each!

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Until next time!

Wednesday, October 11, 2023


002 - "Uncover 4 Superior Parenting Styles"


So, what exactly is the Mashup? Precisely as it sounds: a blend of online writing styles in a format ranging from storytelling and structured to opinionated to factual, formal to casual, and personal to professional—all while ensuring we keep true to the CurlyStache mission of guiding teenagers and raising teens today in a volatile society. The Mashup is designed to be more opinionated, grounded in facts, less researched, and directed to spark ideas and discussions.


During the weeks I cannot get a blog out, I will fill that void with a Mashup entry. Remember to follow us on Facebook @CurlyStache Blogs and through all your favorite social media outlets to get notified of the newest releases! And be sure to share it with friends and families that could benefit! 


I enjoy writing and expressing my opinions on essential issues when raising teens today. There are times throughout the week when I cannot get to my computer as much as I would like—or cannot do my due diligence and research a blog to present it how I want it and still be backed by facts. This fills the void. Short articles containing whatever is on my mind grounded in current events relating to parenting and teen issues, writing in whatever style vibing at the time.

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