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What Kind R U? Parenting Series: PART I

This series is designed (but not necessary) to be read chronologically; if you have already read this post, or are looking for something specific in the series, below are links to the other 5 articles in the 6-part series!

PART I - Parental Classifications

One of the most asked questions asked by parents, especially new parents, is, "Am I doing this right?!" as they sit there lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep while their mind races from thought to thought and how well their child is doing in life.

I'm here to tell you, you will never achieve perfection, but as long as they have a good sense of morals and decision-making, they are unique in their personality, and they follow their passions and dreams, they will be just fine in life. In this mini-series, we will explore the four main types of parenting, the pros and cons, along with tips and tricks.


So--- What Kind R U? Here are the four primary classifications:

1. Neglectful Parenting blogs | Parenting Series | Dad Watching TV Ignoring Son

It may sound rough, saying you could be a "neglectful" person- especially regarding your child- but it doesn't mean you don't love and care for them. The primary characteristics include the following:

  • Absent, uninvolved, and freedom-giving

  • Guidance and emotional support are rare

  • Indifferent to the nourishing of their social, behavioral, and emotional life

  • Basic needs are the parent's primary role (food, shelter, clothing)

2. Permissive Parenting blogs | Parenting Series | Frustrated Mom with Kids Running Around

This style has become more popular recently with the assistance of social media and various human rights movements, concentrating on their child's needs in excess. Characteristics of a permissive parent include:

  • Parent/child relationship is primarily child-driven

  • (Over)indulges their child with rewards to dodge conflicts

  • There are very few rules; they are very inconstantly enforced or not enforced at all

  • Parents are very nourishing to their children but find it challenging to impose limitations and boundaries

3. Authoritarian Parenting blogs | Parenting Series | Father Scolding Son

Although firm and rigid, this type of parenting is still fairly popular for many reasons, including how the parent was raised, culture, religion, and nationality. In recent years, however, this style has declined as more parents find permissive parenting a compelling choice. A few traits of an authoritarian parent are:

  • Parent/child relationship is primarily parent-driven

  • Very rigid and strict household rules that set very harsh punishments

  • Indifferent to the nourishing of their social and emotional life

  • Communication is typically one-way from parent to child

4. Authoritative Parenting blogs | Parenting Series | Mother Helping Daughter With Homework

Authoritative parenting has been best described as a happy medium between the permissive and authoritarian styles, pulling from the best of both worlds. Parents strive for this most popular type, even if they fall short and land in another category. Some of the key points are:

  • Parents are responsive, supportive, and nurturing

  • Sets firm rules set in the home; parents are willing to listen and reason but don't necessarily always accept what the child has to say

  • Uses open communication and natural consequences for wrongdoings

  • Attempt to mold their child's growth and behavior by taking an interest and explaining, discussing, and reasoning with them as they do good and bad


Is there a right or wrong answer?

By no means is there a correct answer; this is only a list compiled by many psychologists and colleges worldwide. I will be the first to tell you I have found myself falling short of what class I WANT to be in compared to what category I AM in. However, MY style is not, nor should it be, any of those particular structured styles. That is what makes me an individual and a one-of-a-kind parent. Perfect? Far from it. Comfortable in my skin? Indeed, and very proud to be. blogs | Parenting Series | Mother, Father, Daughter, and Baby

In Conclusion

Every one of those four parenting styles has its own set of pros and set cons too. Yes, some are better than others, but I can assure you not one of them is wrong; much of it comes down to your own beliefs, upbringing, religion, ethnicity, nationality, and many other circumstances unique to you. So the question becomes, What Kind R U? In the next part of this mini-series, we will dive into neglectful parenting.


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