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Embrace Adventure: Why It's Essential to Try New Things

Season 1 Episode 3 of blog post. Rated: Everybody

A Personal Adventure: A Dad Meets Pet Bird Rigby for the First Time for an Unforgettable Experience!

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To Try New Things: Birds Don't Scare Dads!

Today marked a first for me: a pet bird hopping on my shoulders while my family burst into laughter, teasing me for looking scared and tense. They claimed this tiny bird, which barely had the power to scratch, much less fly, was intimidating me.

To Try New Things: What Not to Do!

I couldn't resist teasing the little guy. While he was showing off with his owners—my son Devan and his girlfriend Sarah—I started invading his personal space, poking my fingers near him. I learned quickly that when you go to try new things, one of them not to do is instigate a bird. Predictably, he jumped at/on me. Naturally, my entire family was there to witness their "tough guy" dad flinch—though I maintain that I was cool as a cucumber!

OK, I Got This. He Ain't So Bad.

I quickly warmed up to the little guy. Impressively, I managed to walk away from the whole episode poo and scratch-free! Thankfully, Rigby left my mustache untouched—otherwise, I might have needed a website rename to!

Ready. Set. Try New Things Without Thinking. Go!

Now it's time to enjoy the shenanigans. Captured by our Google hub, here's a glimpse of the fun we had. I'm the one in the green hoodie, spontaneously ready to try new things alongside my eldest son, Devan. You might remember him from my last article, "Transmission Complete." He's the handsome, younger, skinnier, and long-haired version of me, wearing a black shirt. Devan, along with his girlfriend Sarah, owns the star of our story, Rigby.

Comfy Shoulders, Cheez-Its to Snack, and Cameras Galore!

After spending a memorable evening with Rigby, whose antics with North Face hoodies and Cheez-Its captured our hearts, I realized how his curiosity mirrored my own. As Rigby returned home, his little adventures left a significant impression not just on my clothes but also on my outlook.

Keep an Open Mind When Trying New Things

These moments with Rigby underscored a vital lesson about the joys and surprises that come from stepping into unfamiliar territory—It was an enlightening day that deepened my appreciation for keeping an open mind. Interacting so closely with a bird for the first time, spurred by a spontaneous decision, showed me and my family the value of not dismissing new experiences out of hand. That day positively changed my outlook on (pet) birds, especially cute, colorful ones like Rigby.

Impacts of an Open Mind

That said, and as shown with Rigby, it's essential to keep an open mind and try new things. Experiences like this remind me that life is richer when we’re willing to step outside our comfort zones and not confine ourselves to a rigid, black-and-white outlook. Embracing a bit of the unexpected and trying new things has reminded me of the joy in life's simple surprises.

Try New Things: Birth of GT &

I’ve always embraced the philosophy of trying new things, fully aware that it might not always end well. However, I believe it’s worth the risk to discover what truly resonates with me. I take these lessons and share them with my family, hoping to instill the same curiosity and resilience in my children. In the comment section below, share with us what you've done recently to try new things. We'd love to hear about it!

Inspiration to Try New Things

As noted in my very first blog, CurlyStache: the CTRL+ALT+Dad life, inspiration struck when chatting with my little girl about what a 'blog' is. Now, here we are with the birth of, originally, in record time. If you haven't checked out the blog that started it all, please do so. It doesn't disappoint!

Try New Things: Birth of our Social Media Platform

With the launch of CurlyStache, I didn’t stop at just a domain; I've expanded our presence across several social media platforms. Find us on:

What you can find on social media

Our channels are buzzing with quick updates, a steady stream of fun dad jokes, useful parenting tips, engaging vlogs, and much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow us to stay updated and not miss a thing!

We need your help. Spread the word!

Let your friends and family know about the exciting content we're creating and encourage them to try new things. You can make a big difference by sharing our posts, telling others about our site, and using key hashtags like #GuidingTeenagers and #CurlyStacheBlogs. Your support means the world to us!

Why Try New Things: Don't Knock It Until You Try It!

As you can see, I'm deeply passionate about trying new things. Just ask the picky eaters in my family; they've all heard me say, "Don't knock it until you try it. Now eat." Simply put, you need to try new things before you can judge them. This philosophy extends far beyond the dinner table, where we've all judged the book by the cover. Let's try righting those wrongs; let's make a decisive attempt to try new things without bias and without knocking it before trying it!

Push Your Boundaries by Trying New Things

The essence of being true to yourself involves exploring new avenues—whether it's tasting a new dish, engaging with a pet bird, or launching a blog, it all boils down to three simple words: try new things. It’s about being open and willing to experience life fully, embracing everything from minor changes to major leaps. That said, the only way to truly "be you" is to keep pushing your boundaries and try new things.

Be You When You Try New Things

Be yourself and accept the good and the bad that comes with it as you try new things. In simpler terms, march to your own beat, but always press forward.

Be The Leader by Trying New Things

Lead rather than follow and dare to color outside the lines. Embracing this mindset can lead to profound contentment. Life will undoubtedly present challenges, including bumps and failures, but each setback is a setup for future success.

Live Authentically

While my advice might sound like a cliché from a greeting card or psychology class, I assure you, it's grounded in truth. Live authentically, and watch as things begin to align more harmoniously in your life. What can you change in your daily life to ensure you are living authentically?

Final Thoughts

To sum up, keep your head high, try new things, welcome new challenges, and embrace the opportunity to try new things. Doing this will bring unimaginable possibilities into your life, including happiness and less stress. So, why not take that first step towards something new today? I encourage you to try new things—just maybe steer clear of instigating birds!

UPDATE - 5/16/2023, R.I.P. Rigby 😢

This original post was written on March 25th, 2023. Sadly, our beloved Rigby has passed away since then due to an accident involving another pet who was playing a bit too roughly with him. Although he was part of our lives for just a brief time, Rigby made a lasting impression. This post is dedicated to his memory. Rest in peace, Rigby.


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Most Recent Update on: April 14, 2024

Originally Written on: March 25, 2023


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