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Boundaries and Family: Navigating Close Relationships Confidently

GT Mashup Blog:
Episode 016

Written By : Daniel Currie

Published On : 3/28/2024

Alright, let's break down this concept of "Boundaries and Family" so it's super clear and easy to grasp, even if you're just chilling after a long day of school or mellowing out after a long day in the office in front of your 70" finishing off March Madness.

Understanding Boundaries: What's the Big Deal?

Imagine boundaries like an invisible force field around you. They're all about making sure you're treated right and feel good in your family, whether that's with your mom, dad, brother, sister, kids—or anyone really. Angela Sitka is a well-known, prominent therapist in California who knows a thing or two in this field. She firmly states that boundaries are "like a promise you make to yourself to take care of your own needs while interacting in your relationships." You decide how you want to be treated, and if someone crosses the line, you're ready to stand up for yourself.

Why You Gotta Have Them

Boundaries aren't about being selfish; they're actually about taking care of your own vibe so you can enjoy time with your family without feeling all stressed out. They help everyone understand what's cool and what's not, making hanging out together way more fun and less of a drama fest.

Setting Them Up Like a Pro

  • Reflect First: Before you even chat with your family, take a minute to think about what makes you feel comfy and what doesn't. If thinking about certain family hangouts makes you sweat, that's a big hint you need some boundaries.

  • Talk It Out: When you're ready, be clear and calm about what you need. Say something like, "Hey, when you make jokes about my hobbies, it can really burn me at times. I'd appreciate it if we could talk about something else."

  • If Things Go South, Stay Cool: Sometimes, people might forget or ignore your boundaries, and that's tough. But remember, you can remind them gently or decide what to do next, like taking a break from the convo if it gets too intense.

Looking After Number One

Setting boundaries isn't just about dealing with other people; it's also about treating yourself right. It means not getting too caught up in how others react and remembering you're awesome, regardless of what they may say.

It's a Two-Way Street

Boundaries go both ways. If someone in your family sets their own boundaries, it's not just cool to appreciate; it's something admirable, respectable, and a really good show of character—like you and your set boundaries. It shows you care about each other's feelings and want the best for everyone.

Keep It Going

Remember, setting boundaries isn't a one-and-done deal. It's more like leveling up in a video game—or getting that much closer in your March Madness Bracket. You get better over time, and sometimes you need to adjust your strategy. It might feel like a lot at first, but it gets easier, and it's totally worth it for the peace of mind and better family vibes.


Setting boundaries with your family doesn't have to be a battlefield. It's about understanding and respect, making sure everyone's cool with how they're treated. Stick with it, and you'll see how it makes family time a whole lot better. Keep being awesome, and remember, your feelings are always valid!

Until Next Time...

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