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Gambling & Addiction

Navigating Teen Gambling Problems: A Guide for Parents

Group of friends taking a selfie while playing a gambling game outside on a balcony having a good time

Explore our comprehensive guide on teen gambling problems, offering insights, strategies, and resources to empower parents and teens with confidence.

Building Family Relations

Family Skip Day: The Ultimate Family Bonding Experience

AI cartoon image of a family with dark hair driving into a large futuristic city in excitement as a mom is reading a map but is distracted by the sights pointing like the father is

Discover how Family Skip Day can transform your family dynamics, offering a break from the mundane to forge unforgettable bonds and promote emotional wellness.

Girl laying down with a headache

Sibling Issues and its Effects: A Tense Tale of Family Dynamics

Uncover the dark side of sibling issues: A fierce rivalry pushes limits and leads to an emergency room visit with serious consequences.

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Daniel Currie

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Own a custom CurlyStache Carhartt Hoodie Today!

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Mashup Blogs

Transform Your Teen Parenting in Just 3 Minutes – Read Now!

With stories, opinions, trivia, exercises, and bold facts The Mashup educates and entertains!

Mashup Episode 017

The LAST Mashup | Guiding Teenagers is on Spring Break

Cartoon image of CurlyStache writing his blog on a laptop. He has dark hair, curly mustache, looks stressed, working frantically with papers flying around

Dive into 'The LAST Mashup' before we take spring break. Exciting updates, a new season of Guiding Teenagers, and much more are on the horizon. Stay tuned!

Mashup Episode 016

Boundaries and Family: Navigating Close Relationships Confidently

Colorful cartoon image of blonde mother and father standing in front of their home with their 7 children with muli-colored hair and extreme personalities in the background

Learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries with your family to enhance respect and strengthen relationships. Take control and feel empowered.

Mashup Episode 015

TikTok Ban Debate: Guiding Teenagers Through the Digital Maze

Cartoon image of scruffy dark-haired father and son with pretty redhead mother and daughter in front of them on their phones and the TikTok logo on the phone

Exploring the TikTok ban’s implications for teenagers. Unpack the debate, its impact on families, and how parents can navigate this digital dilemma.

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