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Teen Business & Workforce

Crafting Success: A Teen Innovator's Guide to Entrepreneurship

Dark hair teen girl thoughtfully looking behind her at a table with her laptop

Special Guest post from! Essential strategies for teens turning passion into successful businesses. A must-read guide for young entrepreneurs.

Internet & Social Media

Effective Screen Time Management for Teens

Bored looking teen girl in a pink hoodie looking at her smart phone

Discover tips and strategies for managing teen screen time effectively, promoting a balanced lifestyle, and reducing friction in your family. Learn more now!

3 bubbly teen girls outdoors proudly holding a pride flag over their heads

Supporting Gay Teens: Guide for Parents - Part 1 of a 2 Part Series!

In honor of Pride Month, learn how to support and accept your gay teen with empathy and love—it's a surefire guide for your family in navigating this journey.

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Daniel Currie

Hormones, Puberty, and Sexuality

5 Minutes

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Teen/Tween Transition Through Age 20

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Jacasa Currie

Bite-Sized Reads aka "Mashups"

Transform Your Teen Parenting in Just 3 Minutes – Read Now!

With stories, opinions, trivia, exercises, and bold facts these bite-sized blogs educate and entertain!

Bite-Sized Episode 018

The Dangers of Vaping in Middle School: A Father's Guide

Young teen boy exhaling smoke from vaping

Discover the real dangers of vaping in middle school from a father's perspective. Learn how to address this issue with your child with empathy and authority.

Bite-Size Episode 017

The LAST Mashup | Guiding Teenagers is on Spring Break

Cartoon image of CurlyStache writing his blog on a laptop. He has dark hair, curly mustache, looks stressed, working frantically with papers flying around

Dive into 'The LAST Mashup' before we take spring break. Exciting updates, a new season of Guiding Teenagers, and much more are on the horizon. Stay tuned!

Bite-Size Episode 016

Boundaries and Family: Navigating Close Relationships Confidently

Colorful cartoon image of blonde mother and father standing in front of their home with their 7 children with muli-colored hair and extreme personalities in the background

Learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries with your family to enhance respect and strengthen relationships. Take control and feel empowered.

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