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Behavior & Mental Health

Empowering Teens to Manage Anger: Strategies and Tools

black & white picture of young woman screaming in agony holding right side of her head

Dive deeper into practical strategies and tools that empower teens to manage their anger, fostering emotional resilience and self-awareness for a balanced life.

Behavior & Mental Health

Understanding Teen Anger: Roots, Mental Health, and Seeking Help

Older teen holding head screaming with mental illness. Mirror image of this, black and white.

Discover the root of teen anger, discern its ties to mental health, and learn when professional help is crucial. Empower your journey to understanding and action.

Pixar Image of 3 sections of same brown hair, brown eye teen: 1st section at school, 2nd as a portrait, 3rd with girlfriend & social media icons

Teen Wellness & Managing Teen Stress: Parental Strategies

Discover the top 3 teen stressors. Gain parental strategies to help manage teen stress from the relentless world of academics, social media, and societal pressures.

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Daniel Currie

Mashup Episode 011

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Ditching College Helicopter Parenting for Real Growth

Teen boy showing mother homework on his tablet sitting on the couch

Discover the balance between guidance and freedom in college parenting. Learn how stepping back can foster resilience and independence in your teen.

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Navigating the Teen Years: A Guide to Preventing Parental Burnout

Cartoon depiction of stressed mother with rambunctious children

Dive into the real talk about guiding teenagers, the rollercoaster of raising teens, and why parental downtime isn't just nice to have—it's damn necessary.

Mashup Episode 008

Cacophony: Ruckus in the Head

Parents covering their ears

Manage the cacophony of teen stress with our essential parenting dos. Discover strategies to guide teenagers & find peace. Click for tips!

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