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Blooming Thoughts: Passion viewed through the eyes of Jacasa

Blooming Thoughts, Jacasa amazed at how tall her flower has grown

Discover Jacasa's journey from her Blooming Thoughts Blog to her endeavor here. Dive into her passions and experiences that shape her unique story. Join her journey!

Hormones, Puberty, and Sexuality

Part 2: LGBTQ+ Acceptance: A Teen's Guide to Acceptance and Rejection

Caucasian Male and African American Female embracing their sexual orientation holding a pride flag high

Explore LGBTQ+ acceptance through the eyes of a lesbian teen. Discover her journey with acceptance and rejection, and learn from her personal experiences.

Young girl riding on her fathers shoulders with her mother's hat as she walks by their side

Understanding Attachment Theory: How to Achieve Successful Attachment

Explore "Attachment Theory" and learn how to foster secure, healthy relationships from childhood through adulthood. Understand and achieve successful attachment.

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Jacasa Currie

Behavior & Mental Health

4 Minutes

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Daniel Currie

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Bite-Sized Reads aka "Mashups"

Transform Your Teen Parenting in Under 4 Minutes – Read Now!

With stories, opinions, trivia, exercises, and bold facts these bite-sized blogs educate and entertain!

Bite-Sized Episode 019

The Translucent Parent: The Perfect Balance

Young teenager gazing into the camera thoughtfully while lightly putting her hand to her mouth

Discover how translucent parenting balances guidance and freedom, helping teens grow independently while knowing their parents are always there for support.

Bite-Sized Episode 018

The Dangers of Vaping in Middle School: A Father's Guide

Young teen boy exhaling smoke from vaping

Discover the real dangers of vaping in middle school from a father's perspective. Learn how to address this issue with your child with empathy and authority.

Bite-Size Episode 017

The LAST Mashup | Guiding Teenagers is on Spring Break

Cartoon image of CurlyStache writing his blog on a laptop. He has dark hair, curly mustache, looks stressed, working frantically with papers flying around

Dive into 'The LAST Mashup' before we take spring break. Exciting updates, a new season of Guiding Teenagers, and much more are on the horizon. Stay tuned!

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