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CurlyStache | Mashup: Mawkish

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006 - 11.11.23

Mawkish: Nauseating Affection

"Your speech last weekend was awfully mawkish. I can't say I've ever seen that side of you. Feel free not to show it again." That is a perfect example of how to use that weird word. Kudos to you if you know what it means and how it ties into so many teens. I admit I've been guilty of mawkishness, like most teens who just hit puberty, ride the emotions train, and get blinded by passions.

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Mawkish is another way of saying so sappy that it is sickening, being excessively sentimental, like a fool in love. In cartoon terms, it's the Looney Tunes' Pepe Le Pew. For those who don't know him, go to YouTube and search for him. OK, so the mawkish tendencies of Pepe weren't as much the obsession over Penelope Pussycat as the mushy-gushy stuff when Pepe actually gets his arms around Penelope.

So, let's think back: how many of you had that one boyfriend or girlfriend you fell madly in love with, adored, or worshiped in some sense, where nothing else mattered? Oh, and of course, nothing could split you apart? You know, feeling like Bonnie and Clyde when you were together. I'm willing to bet that you gushed about them to your friends and family. As you did this, your parents grinned, thinking in the back of their heads, "Yep, puppy love," your friends rolled their eyes, getting sick of hearing about it. Meanwhile, your sibling(s) were making gagging noises in disapproval. Those things that you said and did were mawkish to the fault.

Next question: how many of you have seen this in your teens? If you haven't yet, you probably will, and it will be simultaneously cute, happy, and utterly annoying. Now, throw in being a good parent and trying to delicately reel them back down to earth from cloud 9 so they don't get as hurt in the end. That can become a tricky situation if not handled correctly. How should you handle this? Good question. I haven't figured that out yet, and I think nobody really has (if you have, let us know!). Regardless, whenever and however you go about it, their reaction will undoubtedly be, "[the person] and I will be together forever. Nothing will split us apart! Not even You!"

Take solace in knowing you tried to rope them back to reality despite the assurance that it could never end. All you can do now is be there for them with guidance and advice when they request it. Refrain from force-feeding them any relationship advice or recommendations for relationship longevity. This is crucial. Remember, they already think they know everything and will be together forever. Suppose you attempt to intervene with an uninvited idea or suggestion. It will most likely be seen as a sabotaged recommendation thanks to their emotionally blind love—it goes without saying that it would not help your teen's morale, emotional growth, and the relationship between you and your teen.

I know about this all too well. I have always been an emotional dude, always very passionate about my feelings, including (puppy) love. Unfortunately, back in grade school, a few knew about this and took advantage of it. Around January, right after Christmas, this cute girl began making herself known around me and kept flirting. After two weeks, one of her friends told me to ask her out because she really liked me (and I liked her!), so I did. I was the definition of mawkish. I held hands down the hallway, kissed every chance I could, talked on the phone with her after school until late at night, and practically ignored the world around me as she became my world, eventually telling her I loved her. February 14th came. Valentine's Day. I bought her a dozen roses, a giant teddy bear, balloons, and chocolates. Long story short, I was the sap, and a week later, she broke up with me. Looking back on it, it served me right, and it's kind of comical now, but damn, it hurt back then, even after I told my parents she was the one. I can only imagine what my parents were thinking. Thank god they didn't say, "I told you so!"

The story's moral is to be a good parent and prepare your teen for the possible downfall if they seem to be falling head over heels for someone. If they don't listen, that is on them, a lesson hard learned but one they must learn on their own—and if they ask for advice and take what you give them, they are in even better shape! Regardless, kick back, relax, and enjoy the nauseating, oversentimental, sappy mawkishness.

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Until next time!

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Saturday, November 11, 2023


006 - "Mawkish: Nauseating Affection"

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CurlyStache | Mashup: Mawkish

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